Weathers getting better!!!

Well after the rain at the weekend, the sun finally made an appearance Sunday afternoon, and we had quite a nice, sunny, warm, unwindy day yesterday and got a lot of garden work done.  Not in my own garden, that will have to wait until the weekend, if its dry enough. Today after a night and morning of heavy rain, its sunny again things are looking up hopefully!! Tomorrow and thurs bit rainy and friday dry, about time too!!!

Potted on the sunflowers today, there’s 22 of them.  Paul is hoping to grow biggest ever one this year – not quite sure where in the garden there’s room for them!  Sowed some french and african marigolds at the weekend, potted on the chili and sweet pepper seedlings into their own pots too.  Paul was given some mystery seeds to sow last year (well they weren’t mystery, but he cant remember what they were) they all germinated and are getting quite big, some are green stemmed and some red.  Haven’t a clue what they are yet!!!

Ha ha – a dry day!!!

Woke this morning to the sound of rain hitting the roof. Decided to wait in bed for it to stop as was expecting dryness, maybe not sunshine and warmth but a lack of rain anyway! An hour later and still raining, i decided that it was looking like a long lie-in, so got up~(i’d still be there now if i hadn’t as rain has not stopped).

50mph gusts of wind tonight with rain all the way through and all day tomorrow, hope everything in the garden will be okay!

Went to b&q to get some compost, got 10 slightly torn bags, hardly any missing from them for only £10. Popped them in the leanto for tomorrow so we can sow seeds and pot stuff on whilst it rains as usual!!!  Noticed that they had loads of umbrellas for sale by the tills at b&q! Funny being in a drought, everything looks so lush and green out there now!

A better day

Much better weather today, the sun has been shining for most of it!

Tomorrow meant to be colder but pretty dry, and then is going to be horrible all night and all Sunday, loads of rain and very windy! Probably the wettest drought on record!

 We haven’t got a hosepipe ban here yet, though have been saving up the rain in water butts, each time one’s full, another gets joined on to it and now i have a patio full of large tubs of rain, and nothing that needs a drink!!  Once all this rain stops, i know it’ll all soon be used up!

Rain, rain, rain

Well, we’ve had loads more rain today, heavy this morning and though its stopped a few hours ago, the sky is now darkening yet again!! Very windy too, gusts meant to get up to 50mph this evening.  More rain for tomorrow, Sunday and quite a lot of next week too!