A better week?

Hopefully it will be! After a wet Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday last week, not getting a lot done outside, then cancelling work as van was meant to be in the garage all day Thursday, we’re now well behind with work and the garage couldn’t get the part for the van until today, so that meant more time not working, and cost nearly £1000 to sort out the van! And it rained!! Had hoped to walk home through he woods Thursday, but didn’t quite make it there before the garage phoned to say they couldn’t get the part so had to walk back in the rain again through the boring street part of the journey. Then got home and decided to go out to the garden and take a few photos, and the camera wouldn’t work!!  It is pretty old and basic and i do want a new one, but with the garage bill and lack of earnings it will have to wait. Shook the camera around a lot and kept turning it on and off and eventually it started to work again!!!! Image